Until recently, Myanmar’s economy was decidedly non-digital. But that’s all changed. Myanmar’s opening up to e-commerce, fast but there’s many barriers. Can Burmese banks overhaul their antiquated legacy systems fast enough to stay relevant in an era of real-time payments? As Myanmar rushes into e-commerce, how are foreign firms navigating the regulatory barriers? And could those barriers actually be a good thing? Helping give local, Burmese e-commerce a chance to emerge organically, before being overwhelmed from outside. Afterall, merely having a solution isn’t enough. What Myanmar really needs might be a uniquely Burmese e-commerce solution, that already has the necessary, grassroots distribution network to make it scalable. Until then, e-commerce may not deliver in Myanmar. Our host Karim Raffa speaks with Hal Bosher, former CEO of YOMA Bank, and Chairman of Wave Money.