Creating deeper conversations about what matters to you.

Creating deeper conversations about what matters to you.

Business of Everything

In the Business of Everything, we dissect the DNA of today’s most dynamic industries.

EP. 3 Theory vs Practical | Business Of Space: Dr. Carole Mundell

There is an urgent need to keep space apolitical, where even the simplest things stretch us to our limits, demand seamless cooperation, and leave zero margin for error. How will we combat a 1cm killer bit of space debris colliding with the ISS, or build fleets of satellites working in tandem to measure ripples in spacetime?

> EP 1. The Quest: Business Of Space

> EP 2. The Big Think: Business Of Space

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Coffee & Conversation

Meet a community of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and innovators in these one-on-one conversations.

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Why It Matters

Our roundtable segment provide a platform for discussions on key issues from AI, retail, big data, and beyond.

Consumer’s direct experience in-store vs Engaging with them online

With host Karim Raffa, and guests Mandeep Chopra (founder of Limited Edition) and Jaime Syjuco (founder of Havaianas Retail)

Join our host Karim Rafaa, with guests, Mandeep Chopra, founder of Limited Edition and Jaime Syjuco, founder of Havaianas Retail as they discuss how the retail industry has changed over the years, and the fundamental changes in consumer’s direct experience in-store, vs. engaging with them online

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Hot Seat

Our elevator pitches into various companies and industries, as explained by entrepreneurs and innovators.

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