Creating deeper conversations about what matters to you.

Creating deeper conversations about what matters to you.

Business of Everything

In the Business of Everything, we dissect the DNA of today’s most dynamic industries.

Business of Space: Dr Carole Mundell

The fundamental nature of human curiosity, the technology it spawns, and the deeper questions that arise: Should we colonise Mars? How do we prevent the existential threat of space debris? Where do we go from here?

Business of Education: Dr CJ Meadows

We explore the very nature of innovation, taking it from the classroom to the real world – from Cambodia’s role in creating breakthrough “silk vaccines”, to how a business school-style re-think in rural India has lead to one of the country’s most dramatically successful conservation programmes

Coffee & Conversation

Meet a community of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and innovators in these one-on-one conversations.

Dr Rosaly Lopes: Discovering the possibilities of life beyond Earth (Part 2)

Ami Braun: Closing the gaps in cybersecurity solutions

Irakli Beridze: Understanding how AI is weaponized by cyber criminals

Knowledge Explainer

Covering key topics in business and tech in a short, easy-to-understand way

What is a Chatbot?

We’re joined by Abhilash Murthy, creator of Bus Uncle, as he explains the what, why, and how, of chat bots – from understanding how they are trained, to what they’re capable of, to the use-cases where chat bots inevitably fail – and why we’re still fairly far from having a Turing Test-winning AI

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Country Report

Exploring the intersection of business, technology, politics, and more, that define a country

Wallonia: 4th Industrial Revolution

Rwanda: Africa’s fastest-growing and most progressive country

Mongolia: From mining and tourism to education and IOT

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Why It Matters

Our roundtable segment provide a platform for discussions on key issues from AI, retail, big data, and beyond.

Consumer’s direct experience in-store vs Engaging with them online

With host Karim Raffa, and guests Mandeep Chopra (founder of Limited Edition) and Jaime Syjuco (founder of Havaianas Retail)

Join our host Karim Rafaa, with guests, Mandeep Chopra, founder of Limited Edition and Jaime Syjuco, founder of Havaianas Retail as they discuss how the retail industry has changed over the years, and the fundamental changes in consumer’s direct experience in-store, vs. engaging with them online

Hot Seat

Our elevator pitches into various companies and industries, as explained by entrepreneurs and innovators.

Emmanuel Dron: Evolution of Asia’s multi-billion dollar whiskey market

Dr. Andrew Ah Toy: using big data and AI to accurately profile customers

Harry Chemay: Dual-model of robo-advisory + intermediating with traditional financial institutions