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4/20 Day

Tuesday was 4/20, a day associated with the (increasingly legal) marijuana business. Regardless if you agree with its
legality or not,  it’s impossible to deny that the legal marijuana industry is huge. In the US alone it’s estimated sales tax
revenues could top $132 billion – making legalisation an attractive proposition for economically beleaguered local governments.
It’s also still illegal nationally, meaning “legal” marijuana is a geographically relative term.
What’s the picture look like in the US and globally? Find out more in our latest infographic below:



Daily Dose with Laurent Stévenart

The global market for meat-alternatives is booming. As a microcosm, 95% of Impossible Meat’s consumers are actual meat eaters.
What will it take to win over so many dedicated carnivores? Find out more in our latest Daily Dose with Laurent Stévenart of Impossible Foods.



Economics of Extinction: Insects

Thursday 22nd April was Earth Day. It’s a day to support environmental protection. In Chapter 7, we look at insects.
They’re the most plentiful creatures on Earth – at nearly 10 quintillion. Largely seen as pests, we spend >$240 billion annually
eradicating them. So what’s the problem? We’ve been too effective. Insect numbers have plummeted by 50% since 1970,
putting at risk thousands of species, including humans. How many more bugs can we afford to lose? No one knows.
That’s the economics of extinction.



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After such a rough year in 2020, isn’t it nice to know there’s someone up there, looking out for you? Happy Saturday.