Welcome to our weekly roundup!

Highlighting the different posts we had this week and previewing what’s to come next week.


Coffee & Conversation with Justin Leong

With hundreds of millions of potential fans, China is the final frontier for global MMA.
Given the huge market, what’s it all worth? And is it a winner-take-all market? Find out
more from Justin Leong CEO of Rebel FC in our latest episode of Coffee & Conversation.



Broken Chains Poster Reveal

It’s official! We shared the first promotional poster for our upcoming documentary Broken Chains
where we search for solutions to the crippling, racially-segregated power imbalance in today’s economy.

We’re proud to be part of this amazing project with our co-collaborator Michael Lints, and our many
distinguished interviewees: Dr. William Darity, Dr. Tiffany Joseph, Dr. Kamau Bobb, Kristal High Taylor,
James H. Lowry, Nick Caldwell, Jason Towns, Marlon C. Nichols, Kaitlin McGaw, Jotaka Eaddy & Dave Scott.

Why does this discussion matter? Because black lives matter, and without genuine economic equality,
those lives are never allowed to reach their full potential. We owe it to each other to get this right.



Economics of Extinction: Coral Reefs

In Chapter 3, we look at coral reefs. Roughly 70% of our planet are oceans, 99% of that is empty. The remaining
1% are coral reefs, which are responsible for tens of thousands of marine species. And it’s all under threat.
If coral vanishes, we also (probably) vanish. Nothing happens in a vacuum – that’s the economics of extinction.