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Coffee & Conversation with Andre Frois

Long before the era of MMA, pro wrestling was already big business. But what does that look like now,
in a pandemic? Especially in a small market like Singapore? How is the local wrestling business coping
with the impact of Covid? Find out more from Andre Frois of Singapore Pro Wrestling in our latest
episode of Coffee & Conversation.



Equal Pay Day 2021

March 25th was Equal Pay Day in the US. On paper, that sounds like a day dedicated to labor equality. It’s not.
It’s the day women finally earn the equivalent of their male counterparts’ full 2020 salaries. Meaning for half
of US workers, March 25th is effectively the 114th of December, 2020. That situation is even worse for African American
women (22 August), Native American women (23 September), and Latinas (20 November). Costing American
families an estimated $700,000 – $2,000,000/family in lost lifetime earnings due to lower wages, reduced pensions,
and impacts on other work-related benefits.



The Economics of Extinction: Bats

In Chapter 4, we look at bats. Why bats? Bats have long been objects of superstition and fear. Things have
only gotten worse during the pandemic. The truth is, bats are invaluable as our single-best source of 100%
organic pest control. Just in the US, they’re worth an estimated $53 billion to agrobusiness alone. Scale that
up globally, and bats could be worth trillions. The problem is, habitat destruction by humans has outpaced
bats’ notoriously slow reproduction. Already at risk, it will take bats an estimated 500 years to recover to their
numbers just 10 years ago. Essentially, the sun is setting on 1,400 species of bat. And if we don’t act now,
we’ll be paying for that mistake for centuries.



Sneak peek of our weekend posts


What happens when you mix perseverance with irony? Whimsy. We’re excited to share the first of our uniquely
2021 inspirational posters. It’s a bit different from our usual content. But then this is a different kind of year.


In case you missed it

International Whisky Day

Many industries have suffered during the pandemic, but alcohol’s not one of them. So what’s the story behind the whisky in your glass?
In case you missed it, join us for another look inside the whisky industry in our signature series – The Business of Booze.