Welcome to our weekly roundup!

Highlighting the different posts we had this week and previewing what’s to come next week.


Espresso Day 2020

Monday was Espresso Day 2020 – celebrating the condensed version of the world’s favourite
beverage – with over 80% of global adults drinking coffee, regularly. If it’s such a huge industry,
how was its supply chain so vulnerable to Covid’s impact?

Find out more in our latest Daily Dose with Jean de Dieu Uwihanganye
from the High Commission of the Republic of Rwanda.



Sneak peek of our newest series

Our latest sneak peek of our newest series – The Business of Artificial Intelligence – coming soon!
Featuring AI experts including Annabelle Kwok, Jaime Syjuco, and Dr. Ayanna Howard.


Daily Dose with Dr Lillian Koh

In case you missed it, the Economist had a good story recently about the dangers of too many
over-qualified paper post-grads. How do we fix the problem? Internships.
Hear what Dr. Lillian Koh has to say about the continuing, critical need for internships as
part of the academic experience in our latest Daily Dose.

Here’s The Economist story link: https://lnkd.in/g9atVSe


The rise of Shanghai

We all know there’s been a huge reordering in every area of the economy. Here’s a snapshot of just
one key aspect. London has seen a 67% fall in connectivity in air travel, according to airline industry
body IATA. With Covid cases still rising in the most connected cities in the world.

Four cities in China including Shanghai are now the most connected in the world, with over
425 million people travelling around the country during their recent Golden Week holiday.


Sneak peek of our weekend posts


With the weekend coming, many people will be hitting the streets, walking, jogging, riding.
But what are the relative (economic merits) of each? Are we doing our part, economically
when we switch from 4 wheels, to two? Happy Saturday!