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Highlighting the different posts we had this week and previewing what’s to come next week.


Sneak peek of our newest series

Our latest sneak peek of our newest series – The Business of Artificial Intelligence – coming soon!
Featuring AI experts including Annabelle Kwok, Jaime Syjuco, and Dr. Ayanna Howard.



Aids Awareness

Tuesday was World AIDS Day. In the 35 years since AIDS was first identified in the US, the
epidemic’s infected and killed millions. Exacting a huge price, often from the poorest and youngest.
What is the cost of AIDS? Find out more in our latest infographic.



International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

Wednesday was the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. ICYMI we wanted to reshare a
poignant infographic – there’s an estimated 40 million people enslaved globally and 168 million
children are engaged in child labor.

We take a look at the situation and see what slavery is like in 2020 through the key stats below.



Daily Dose with Hal Bosher

Today is International Day of Banks. And banking’s come a long way, in an incredibly short time.
How far? Our host Karim Raffa speaks with Hal Bosher from Wave Money, as he talks about
Myanmar’s light-speed jump from paper ledgers to core systems. Can you have a modern economy
without core banking systems? Find out more in our latest Daily Dose.



Sneak peek of our weekend posts


Prior to Covid, the global banana trade employed 70 million people and was worth an estimated
US$12 billion. We’ve included a useful infographic to help illustrate the flow of profits in the industry.

Happy Saturday!