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The aftermath of the riots at the Capitol

Among the many striking scenes from last week, one of the most was the comparatively gentle
treatment of some rioters by police. Which sharply contrasts with the hundreds (or more) peaceful
BLM protesters who were injured by authorities at rallies last year.



Sneak peek of our newest series – The Business of MMA

Pro-wrestling is both the progenitor and direct competitor of today’s booming MMA industry.
But can it still compete with MMA’s high-octane, full-contact fights? Check out a sneak peek with
Andre Frois from Singapore Pro Wrestling and catch the full episode airing on 28 January.



Consequences for Trump

Just since we ran this post earlier in the week, VP Pence has since refused to invoke the 25th
Amendments, and the House of Representatives has already impeaching Trump a second time.
With all that, it’s easy to lose sight of another important area Trump’s being censured – in the
social media and online space. Here’s all the platforms currently banning Trump online.



Sneak peek of our newest series – The Business of MMA

Not long ago, Lethwei was little known outside of Myanmar. But today, it’s exploded onto the multi-billion dollar
fight-entertainment scene. So how does a traditional sport transition to global TV deals in just a few years? Check
out our sneak peek with Gerald Ng, CEO of World Lethwei Championship and catch the full episode airing on 28 January.



New York AG sues NYPD

In an interesting development following our story on Monday about the unequal treatment by police
of BLM protesters, vs. the Capitol rioters – New York State is now sueing the NYPD for its treatment
of BLM protesters in 2020.



Sneak peek of our weekend posts


Tomatoes are a great source of antioxidants, folates, potassium, and insight. It’s been a tough start
to 2021. Don’t forget to take time to nourish your mind this weekend 😉