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Highlighting the different posts we had this week and previewing what’s to come next week.


The Business of MMA

In case you missed it, check out our latest episode – the Business of MMA. It’s not just the world’s
fastest-growing sport, but an entire industry, from millions of gym memberships to huge streaming
audiences. We look at everything from how it works to why Asia’s driving its growth?

Featured guests include Justin Leong, CEO of Rebel Fighting Championship, Radeem Rahman
and Shumei Lam from Neue Fit, Gerald Ng, CEO of World Lethwei Championship, Andre Frois from
Singapore Pro Wrestling, Hua Fung Teh, Group President of ONE Championship.



BTS from our latest shoots

Behind the scenes from our latest shoots this week with Laurent Stévenart of Impossible Foods and
Fengru Lin of TurtleTree Labs as we explored the future of sustainable food.



China and Myanmar

In the aftermath of Monday’s coup following the Burmese military’s refusal to accept the NLD’s
landslide win in last November’s election, in Part 1 of our 2-part series we looked at the implications
and motivations for arguably the biggest player – China.



Singapore and Myanmar

Singapore is Myanmar’s second-largest foreign investor (after China). Given Monday’s coup, in Part 2
we look at what’s next? And what kind of investment does Myanmar really need to move forward?



Sneak peek of our weekend posts


Featuring some wisdom from the past, for the turbulent times we live in.