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Highlighting the different posts we had this week and previewing what’s to come next week.


Shooting for our newest series – coming soon

BTS from our shoot last Friday with Hua Fung Teh, Group President
at ONE Championship for our new upcoming series.



Daily Dose with Dr. CJ Meadows

While Asian economies have largely been at the forefront of adapting their work-flow to Covid,
their managers often haven’t been. Not all of course, but many. What’s holding them back?
Is it trust? Or is it simply, old habits die hard? Find out more in our latest Daily Dose here
with Dr. CJ Meadows from the SP Jain School of Global Management.



Coffee & Conversation with Dhiraj Mukherjee

In our latest episode, we spoke with Shazam co-founder Dhiraj Mukherjee on what
he sees as one of the biggest, unanswered questions among young people today: How do we
find meaning and money at work? Salaries aside, today’s young workers want more.
Where, and how can they find it?

Find out more in our latest episode of Coffee and Conversation here.

Check out Part 1 of our series with Dhiraj here.

Sneak peek of our newest series

A sneak peek of our newest series – The Business of Artificial Intelligence – coming soon!
Featuring AI experts including Annabelle Kwok, Jaime Syjuco, and Ayanna Howard.

Check out the first teaser of our series here.

Sneak peek of our weekend posts

Saturday: A salute to honest CVs

Experts say the future of work will favour more versatile employees… Happy Saturday!