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BTS and the future of the Fan Economy

We recently featured an infographic explaining the basics of K-Pop
phenomenon BTS’s business model. This article helps explain BTS’s huge
success – which is a collaborative effort the likes of which music, or for
that matter marketing has never seen.



Coffee & Conversation with Jean De Dieu Uwihanganye

Coffee is critical to the global economy. But what happens when coffee breaks?
How has Covid changed the industry? And can technology fix the problem?
We discuss the state of Rwanda’s coffee industry during Covid with
Jean De Dieu Uwihanganye of the Rwanda High Commission. Check it out here.

You can also check out our episode discussing the impact of Covid on Rwanda as a whole here.
And look out for our upcoming episode on Covid’s impact on Rwanda’s tourism sector which airs 5th November.

Reptile Awareness Day 2020

Wednesday was Reptile Awareness Day. Reptiles like so many species face
unprecedented challenges from habitat loss to poaching. What does
this have to do with business and technology?

We have the technology to understand the problem. We need to make
solving it a business priority. Because conservation is everyone’s business.

Check our full video here.



Can Congress pass a new Covid bill before November 3rd?

With the US election just 10 days away, things have never been more partisan.
Can Congress pass a new Covid relief bill in time? Democrats want $2 trillion.
Many Republicans want far less. Why can no one agree on the amount?

For more information check out our newest video here.



Sneak peek of our weekend posts


Saturday, October 24th is the 75th Anniversary of the ratification of the UN Charter.
It is the foundational treaty of the UN and establishes the structure, purpose and
principles of the UN governing body.