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Disneyland is closed

December 5th would have been Walt Disney’s 119th birthday. During his now seemingly short 65 years, he co-founded
The Walt Disney Company with his brother, Roy starting with animation studios then theme parks, and which
has now grown to streaming services and movie franchises. Making his namesake worth an estimated
US$130 billion in 2020, despite Covid’s impact.

To find out more about how Covid’s impacting The Happiest Place on Earth, check out the story here.



The Business of Artificial Intelligence

In our latest episode of The Business of Everything we ask the question: What is the Business of AI?
It’s a question that’s both deceptively simple, yet hugely complex. From how companies harness
self-learning machines to increase their capabilities, to how do you train a machine to act ethically?
And to what standard, even? Join us as we speak with experts in the field, Dr. Ayanna Howard,
Jaime Syjuco, and Annabelle Kwok as they explore one of today’s most critical, emerging issues.



Daily Dose with Hal Bosher

December 9th was Myanmar National Day. In recognition of that, we wanted to take a look at a
big question the country’s found an answer to. Namely, how do you compress 40 years of
financial infrastructure into just 5 years of development?

The key was the entry of foreign telcos – Ooredoo Group and Telenor – combined with the arrival
of cheap smartphones. The result – fintech infrastructure sprung up almost overnight.

Find out more in our latest Daily Dose with our host Karim Raffa and Hal Bosher from Wave Money.


A New Disease

Disease. Food supply. Financial speculation. It’s 2020 in a nutshell. Only this time, it’s local
Chinese criminal gangs allegedly weaponising Swine Flu to manipulate pork prices. And farmers
use of anti-drone technology in response. Needless to say, it makes for an interesting short read.

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