Welcome to our weekly roundup!

Highlighting the different posts we had this week and previewing what’s to come this weekend.


US Elections Series

No matter where you live, November’s US election will be consequential
for all of us. In our week-long series, we shared stories and key stats about
what’s influencing the outcomes. Check it out here.



Coffee & Conversation with Dr. Ka Yi Ling

Part 1 of our latest episode of Coffee & Conversation with Dr. Ka Yi Ling, Co-founder, and Chief Scientific Officer
of Shiok Meats talks about the future of commercialization for cell-based meats. Watch Part 1 here.

Check out Part 2 coming Thursday, 24 September 2020.



Knowledge Explainer with Arthur Huang

Watch our latest Knowledge Explainer here with Arthur Huang, founder of the
Taiwanese upcycling company, Miniwiz. Many countries recycle. Which sounds great.
But is today’s recycling really effective? Is upcycling a better solution to the world’s waste crisis?

Part 1 of our full interview with Arthur comes out Thursday, 17 September 2020.



Sneak peek of our weekend posts


There’s been a new twist in the evolving story of Australian journalist Cheng Lei’s arrest
by Beijing authorities with China claiming Australian diplomats’ sheltering of two other
Australian journalists – Bill Birtles and Mike Smith in diplomatic compounds overstepped Australia’s
extraterritorial authority and interfered with the Chinese authority’s investigation.

Check out ABC’s latest story detailing more about the evolving diplomatic
spat between Beijing and Canberra.